CITY OF CAKE Choc Fudge Cake Stout - Mini Keg (5 Litre)

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Mini Keg of our CITY OF CAKE - Choc Fudge Cake Stout 6.5% 

A deep and rich milk stout, balancing roasted coffee and chocolate notes with sweetness and caramel aromas. Made with roasted malts and milk sugars, this beer is like a fudge brownie in a glass.

Once opened please consume within 3 days, however best consumed in 2 days. Store in the fridge once received, between 10 & 12°C for optimum condition. 

*PLEASE NOTE this product is kegged to order to ensure you to have the freshest beer possible. All beers have a minimum of a 2 weeks BEST BEFORE DATE from the date of filling. Once opened each day there will be a loss of carbonation(fizz) so we recommend it to be drunk within 2 days.

Instructions for use here HOW TO USE KEG